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Jamil Nasser's 1st album as a leader 1961

B.B. King 1st touring band 1955

Jamil Nasser, B.B. King & George Coleman

The Preacher's Wife 1996

Jamil Nasser, Ted Dunbar, Whitney Houston, George Coleman, Roy Haynes


Downbeat award for best historical album release, 2023

Ahmad Jamal, Jamil Nasser, Frank Gant and various others

The awakening.jpg
The Big Sound.jpg

This trio's most popular album 1970. Ahmad Jamal, Jamil Nasser, Frank Gant


Cybill Shephard.

1978 with Jamil Nasser, Phineas Newborn and others

All-star album with rare John Coltrane playing Alto Sax. 1958

upcoming documentary

Idrees Suliman, Jamil Nasser, Buster Smith, Oscar Dennard 1960 Poland

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